Recent Biological & Epidemic Hazards Reported

Indonesia – Bali Post, Nusa Bali and are all reporting that a species of purple and poisonous jellyfish have invaded the waters off Bali’s western beaches near Tabanan in an area stretching from the Tanah Lot Temple, to the Kediri district, Yeh Gangga and Kerambitan. The jellyfish, said to “number in the millions,” are capable of dispensing a potent venom capable, in some instances, of killing human victims.

Georgia – A 64-year-old man died from anthrax in Georgia, the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital told Trend. He became infected when cutting the carcass of an animal at his home in the Tetritskaro region (Kakheti, eastern Georgia). He turned to the local hospital only six days after, when he was urgently transferred to Tbilisi. Doctors were unable to save his life in time.

China – Dead fish offshore from Changdao county in Shandong province has no relation to the oil leak of Penglai 19-3 oilfield in Bohai Bay, despite its close proximity to the site, according to the latest test results released by the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Beijing Times reported on Monday.

Canada – Another patient linked to the C. difficile outbreak in Ontario’s Niagara Region has died. An outbreak of C. difficile has claimed lives at three hospitals in Ontario’s Niagara Region in the past two weeks. “A 10th patient related to the C. difficile outbreak at the St. Catharines General died earlier this morning,” Dr. Joanna Hope, interim chief of staff for the Niagara Health System, said in a release Monday.

Bangladesh – Thirty-nine people have been found infected with anthrax in Gangni upazila of Meherpur district. Of the infected, 17 are undergoing treatment at the Gangni Upazila Health Complex while the remaining have already received treatment. Resident physician of the health complex Dr Anwarul Islam told on Saturday that an ailing cow was slaughtered at Kallyanpur village of the upazila on July 5 and those who processed the meat and consumed it contracted the infection.

Philippines – A mysterious infection in Zamboanga del Norte has left 4 people dead and 16 others hospitalized. The hospitalized victims, all natives of Barangay Mantebo, Sibuco town in Zamboanga del Norte, complained of pain and numbness in the lower extremities. One of the patients Pantera Nadjal said it was in May this year when she started feeling numbness and a tingling sensation in her feet and legs. Fifteen other villagers experienced the same and are now at the Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC).

Canada – Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) has been found in McFarlane Lake, according to a press release from the Sudbury and District Health Unit. Samples taken from McFarlane Lake contained a species of cyanobacteria that can produce toxins. “Water contaminated with blue-green algal blooms has an unsightly pea soup appearance and foul smell,” Allan McDougall, an environmental support officer with the health unit, said in the press release.

Ukraine – Poor-quality food prepared at Ukrainian summer camps left 84 Russian children vacationing there ill, health officials said Wednesday. The mass food poisoning took place at two youth resorts near the port city Sevastopol, in the Black Sea peninsula Crimea. Most of the victims were aged from 8 to 16 and had travelled to the camps from the Russian cities Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and Orekhovo-Zuevo.

Philippines – At least 27 villagers have been hospitalized in General Nakar, Quezon, due to typhoid fever. According to local health officials, drinking contaminated water could have been behind the sudden increase in typhoid fever cases in Barangay Anoling. The health officials said that 27 residents of Barangay Anoling have been rushed to the C.M. Rector hospital in nearby Infanta town and General Nakar Municipal Health Center since June 31.

USA – A 46-year-old man attacked by a swarm of bees Friday night at a west-side park has died from the stings, an official said Tuesday. Oscar Navarro was stung hundreds of times while walking near the Steve Daru Clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Clubs at 1375 N. El Rio Drive, which is in Joaquin Murrieta Park. An autopsy Tuesday revealed that Navarro died from “mass envenomation”, which means venom from the bee stings, said Dr. Gregory Hess, Pima County chief medical examiner.

USA – Swimmers at Galveston beaches are being warned to look out for jellyfish after the island’s beach patrol reported 65 stings yesterday. The Galveston Daily News reports that the jellyfish arrival is tied to the ocean’s current and wind pattern. Officials say that although dozens of stings were reported yesterday, the number is not high enough to post a blue-flag jellyfish warning.

Ghana – A swarm of bees attacked six schoolchildren of the Mizpah International School at Tesano Club in Accra Friday (8th July 2011). The incident occurred about 3:30p.m. when the children from the neighbouring Apenkwa Government School threw stones into the hive harbouring the bees in a house in the vicinity. Provoked by the action of the children, the bees came out of their hive stinging anyone they came across.

China – Green algae about the size of a football pitch was seen 12 nautical miles off Qingdao, a port city in east China’s Shandong Province, local maritime police said Saturday. The large expanse of green algae, or enteromorpha prolifera, was first detected on May 28 off the east coast and expanded from 175 square kilometers on Thursday to 180 square kilometers on Friday, according to the North China Sea Branch (NCSB) of the State Oceanic Administration.

New Zealand – Sixteen people have contracted measles following the latest outbreak in Auckland, with two hospitalised as a result. The outbreak of the potentially deadly illness is the second in Auckland so far this year, though officials say the cases are all linked to a single case and are confident they have it under control. Quarantines have been imposed on around 140 students from at least two schools.


Deuteronomy28:59 He will bring extraordinary plagues on you and your descendants, severe and lasting plagues, and terrible and chronic sicknesses.

Deuteronomy 28:61 The LORD will also inflict you with every sickness and plague not recorded in the book of this law, until you are destroyed.