UFOs above Sakurajima Volcano Eruption – July 14, 2011

UFOs have always been interested in volcanoes and especially the activities of the Sakurajima Volcano. This volcano remains active. Is that normal or is there more to it?

The lava seems to be radioactive and the debris coming out has a definite ‘wave’ about it that seems unusual.

Witness: Referring to the fact that some of those white hot particles seem to not cool down with the other ones which got me to thinking if there was a possibility of TEPCO dumping waste in this volcano, there is something going on down at the base there, many trucks going in and out, I was watching them yesterday wondering what they were doing… Source

Much of the UFO activity witnessed before, during and immediately after natural disasters are the wheels of Yahweh’s Holy Angelic Orders fulfilling prophecy. They often appear as circles of lights before an earthquake, tidal wave, or even the eruption of a volcano. It is simply a sign for the record, and a visual witness to Mankind.