Radioactive Leak at South Carolina Nuclear Plant Being Investigated

Federal nuclear safety inspectors are investigating a radioactive waste leak at a Fairfield County, South Carolina nuclear power plant amid increased scrutiny of pipes at the nation’s nuclear facilities.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said about 100 gallons of liquid waste spilled at the V.C. Summer plant about 25 miles from Columbia.

South Carolina Electric & Gas operates the plant. Company officials said the spill was discovered during a routine inspection last Thursday and reported to federal regulators the next day.

The company, which said repairs are already under way, described the leak as “slightly contaminated” water in a low-level waste processing system and said no one was ever in danger from the leak.

A report from the NRC said the spill happened in a line where processed radioactive waste is being prepared for release. State health officials said initial reports show the leaked material pooled on a concrete pad and are waiting on the results of soil samples, but an agency spokesman also said the leak did not appear to be a danger.

“At this point, there is no danger to the public and nothing significant to the environment that we found,” Department of Health and Environmental Control spokeswoman Mary Nguyen Bright said.


There are no coincidences. As you read and hear about radiation leaks in various places around the world – also think about who or what is causing it. And remembering also that Yahweh’s Holy Angels perform those tasks necessary in bringing forth Her prophecies.

First Yahweh CLEANSES. Then She repairs what is wrong by making it conform to Her LAWS that bring harmony to the land ( the earth) and all of creation as a whole. But, is Yahweh justified in taking action against Her creation and thereby killing whatever stands in Her way of bringing things back into harmony?

Proverbs 20:30 “Lashes and wounds purge away evil, and beatings cleanse the innermost parts.”

Through judgment that is righteous in Yahweh’s eyes, She has the right – bound by Her own LAWS – to cleanse Her creation of whomever She declares as being a traitor to Her throne of authority. And of whomever shares a relationship with those traitors, though born into this arena of the spiritual war.