English Channel shaken by largest such quake in 300 years

Tea cups rattled at breakfast-time this morning as an earthquake struck the English Channel – and almost went unnoticed. Some witnesses appeared to doubt whether the small tremor was anything more than a heavy lorry rumbling by on the south coast. Others based in Worthing, West Sussex, questioned whether the 4.3 (3.9) magnitude quake was simply a trick of their imagination. But according to the British Geological Survey (BGS), it is the biggest to strike a 16 mile region in 300 years.  People living in parts of West Sussex said buildings shook for a few seconds at around 8am. On Twitter, one social networker wrote: ‘I think there was just an earthquake in Worthing. I haven’t had any coffee yet, so it could just be my brain making things up (again)!’And another user of the micro-blogging site added: ‘shook my bed and rattled my cupboard doors! Others felt it, not (too) mad… ‘One worker said it felt like a ‘big lorry had gone by in a hurry.’ Brian Baker, data manager at the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, felt the earthquake in his office on the coast in Shoreham, near Brighton. He said: ‘The office wobbled slightly, the building shook, monitors on the table rattled and the roof creaked a bit. It lasted about two to three seconds. ‘It felt as if a big lorry had gone by in a hurry, except we don’t have lorries go through here.’ The quake’s epicenter was around 53 miles (85km) south-east of Portsmouth, Hampshire, at a depth of 10km,the BGS said. ‘This is the largest earthquake within 25 km (16 miles) since a magnitude 4.5 event in 1734,’ David Kerridge, from the BGS, added. Historically, there have been two other significant events nearby (30km to 40km distant) – a magnitude 5.0 earthquake in 1878 and a magnitude 4.3 earthquake in 1750.


Father is undoing Her creation in the order She had Michael prepare it. The very things used by Michael in nature, the natural order of Father to create paradise are now being used to destroy what Dawn Lucifer has tainted.

The final blow comes to mankind itself, because mankind was last on the list of the creative works.