Over 1,400 arrested, tear gas fired in Malaysia protest

(Reuters) – Malaysian police fired repeated rounds of tear gas and detained over 1,400 people in the capital on Saturday as thousands of activists evaded roadblocks and barbed wire to hold a street protest against Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

At least a dozen people were hurt in the demonstration for electoral reform in downtown Kuala Lumpur. There were no reports of serious injuries but some analysts said the police action was excessive and would dent Najib’s image.

“We are not criminals, we are just asking for free and fair elections,” opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah Anwar, told reporters after her father was knocked down and hurt in a melee when he and his supporters were tear gassed.

“Many innocent people were injured. We condemn this act of cruelty by UMNO and Barisan Nasional,” she said, referring to Najib’s party and the ruling coalition.

Street protests are rare in this Southeast Asian nation, but foreign investors are worried that any groundswell of anti-government sentiment could delay economic reforms seen as essential to draw investment.


What this world lacks is certainly that of LOVE. Love does not keep count of injuries, nor does it spread violence. But if you told mankind’s leaders they could live in Utopia that lacked nothing if they gave up the sword, they would not agree, because with a sword comes power, and power is the thing all governments want. They want it over other people, and they do not equate real love into the ruler-ship over their subjects. When Archangel Michael sounds the invasion, the Lions of Zion will invade at Armageddon. It will usher in a New Peaceful Age for all of us.