Fish Deaths Continue – Latest Reports

Contaminated river water causing fish deaths in Moradabad

Moradabad, July 4: The discharge of effluents from factories or mills into the Ramganga River in Uttar Pradesh is leading to the death of large number of fish. Generally, toxic chemicals and other waste materials are drained directly into the rivers and lakes in India. Dozens of dead fish were noticed by local residents, and they said this is a regular practice. “Most of the times it happens that the contaminated water, mixed with the toxic chemicals, become detrimental to aquatic animals, and it is dangerous for us as well,” said Gopal Sharma, a local. The fishermen are also facing tough time to earn their livelihood due to continuous decline in number of fishes in the river. Source

Weather Blamed for Massive Fish Deaths

ARDMORE, Okla.State wildlife officials say a fish kill spotted in Love County in southern Oklahoma is likely due to high temperatures and lack of rainfall. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is investigating the fish kill and say preliminary reports from the University of Oklahoma Biological Station indicate the kill is weather-related. Gene Gilliland, the assistant chief of fisheries, says regional biologist Matt Mauck and Mauck’s crew have been at the site of the fish kill. Gilliland tells The Ardmoreite wildlife officials are seeing “typical symptoms of a low-oxygen fish kill.” He says hot water does not have much oxygen and when water is still due to lack of wind, fish concentrate in one area and use up all the oxygen. The size of the fish kill is still being determined. Source

Clean-up begins to evacuate fish from problem waters

WORK will begin to evacuate an evaporating lake this weekend after hundreds of fish were washed up dead on its banks. The lake, at the foot of Timberlands in Bottesford by the Lakeside Retail Park road, has lost a lot of water due to warm weather, which has left the fish in dire straits. After meeting with the Environment Agency, North Lincolnshire Council has been advised to remove the fish from the lake before the death toll rises. A North Lincolnshire Council spokesman said: “The council met with the Environment Agency yesterday to discuss a solution to the problem. “There are carp, perch and roach in the lake and, unfortunately, some perch and roach have died due to depleting oxygen levels, because the water levels are low. Source

Dead fish wash ashore on Pensacola Beach

At mid-afternoon Friday, Mark Thomas was walking along Casino Beach using a grabber to pick up about 20 dead fish that had washed ashore just east of the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier. “This is my second bag today,” said Thomas, who works as a beach comber for the Santa Rosa Island Authority and was filling a brown grocery-sized bag with the fish. But Bob West, the beach’s public safety supervisor, said it’s not uncommon for the small, silver fish — about 6 inches in length — to wash ashore, and it’s not a result of last year’s oil spill. Source

Fish deaths in Harrisburg’s Italian Lake may have been from natural causes, DEP says

The dead fish found in Italian Lake Tuesday may have died from natural causes, according to initial statements from the Department of Environmental Protection.  DEP representatives visited the lake this morning and tested the water. “They took some samples and discovered there was a low dissolved oxygen level in the water,” said DEP Spokesman John Repetz. The low oxygen levels could be due to a number of reasons, Repetz said, particularly the amount of vegetation covering the lake, low water level and high temperature. Italian Lake is covered with vegetation — lily pads, spanning from end to end. Source

The heated sea waters in the depths are going to cause large tidal waves as the water becomes enraged in a torrent of activity. The underwater sea life is dying at an alarming rate. First, all things in the seas die. Then in a like manner, all things residing on dry land will follow suit. Those not killed during this tribulation period will be finished off as the cup of wrath over takes them for the judgment of Father’s balance of the scales of justice.