Chilean volcano grounds flights in South America

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Ash from a Chilean volcano is grounding flights across much of South America again, disrupting travel for thousands of people just as the continent’s premier football tournament gets going. The games are in eight cities around Argentina, some of them where the ash is blowing most thickly. Source

The essence or very core of our message in bringing these End Times Signs to your attention is that this present world all life lives within is dying. Father, just as She killed off all land dwelling life during the global flood in past time has now extended Her bowls of wrath to destroy not only land or surface dwelling life forms, but also that which is in the seas of this planet. All that you view is tainted by Dawn Lucifer’s vile hand of sin. The plant life. The rock formations. The very water, the foods, and each breath of air you each consume on a daily basis is impure in Father’s eyes. This is because the entire world has become impure with the imprint Dawn Lucifer Satan the Devil has placed upon Father’s works brought forth by Michael the Archangel from olden times.