2011 flooding set to rival worst in U.S. history

With rivers still running above flood stage and soils saturated, forecasters predicted on Wednesday this summer flooding season could rival the worst in United States history. In the “Great Flood of 1993,” record-breaking floods from April to August cost more than $25 billion in damages in at least nine states. But due to current high water levels and soaked soil, just a small amount of rain could trigger more flooding in areas that have already seen record flooding this 2011 season, the National Weather Service reported Wednesday. These factors indicate the flooding threat will continue through the summer, and potentially rival the flood of nearly two decades ago. “There is nowhere for any additional water to go,” Source

The Cherubs have used the fierce weather patterns they’ve created to devastate and cause crop failures that will cause widespread disease from the polluted waters and will not only bring higher prices for corn and other drowned crops, but soon it will be impossible to even buy what is in short supply. In Iowa and Missouri the underground water aquifers are polluted with oil bi-products as well as fertilizers and human waste. Soon, it will reach an epidemic state as the Cherubs bring even more disaster to the grain producing and fruit producing states in the USA as they are hit with ever increasing severe catastrophes.

What the U.S. government is not telling people, is that the animals who’ve survived the flood conditions are at risk from the tainted water supply every bit as much as the human populous.

In other parts of the USA, Father has started numerous fires with Her lightning bolts and devastation is ever increasing in the tinderbox areas that have suffered from lack of rain. It is indeed becoming hell on earth, but is only a taste of what is to come. Soon, the false religious empire will come under fire as people curse Father as a
vindictive or nonexistent God.