Warnings of Volcanic Eruptions

Scientists are now warning that volcanoes in Western Victoria and South Australia are due to erupt.

The prediction comes just hours after two earthquakes hit the state this morning.

Using new dating techniques, University of Melbourne scientists have found that the volcanoes usually erupt every 2000 years, with the last eruption at Mt Gambier, South Australia, 5000 years ago.

Earth sciences Professor Bernie Joyce says Australia needs a plan in case of an eruption.

It comes as Victorians are warned to brace themselves for more tremors after a shallow magnitude quake hit at 11.32am, sending shockwaves through towns and suburbs more than 100 kilometres away.

A series of tremors lasting up to 15 seconds have been felt across Melbourne’s CBD and southeastern suburbs.

A second, smaller quake shook Korumburra, with reports it was again felt in Melbourne, at 12.37pm

Senior seismologist Clive Collins said people should prepare for aftershocks in the coming hours.

“There will be aftershocks, that’s a certainty,” he told the Herald Sun.

“We still expect lots of smaller ones.

“After the last significant quake in Victoria there were more than 200 aftershocks.”

The tremors shook Melbourne office buildings and many homes across the state, including Warragul, Ferntree Gully, Sunbury and as far north as Melbourne Airport.


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