The Perfect (Radiation) Storm is Brewing

Just a week after Fukushima, I wrote an article regarding a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that Canada’s Ontario Power Generation had released radioactive water into Lake Ontario via a leak in the Pickering A nuclear generating station. Like the Japanese, the Canadian government deemed this accident to be of little consequence, even though Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for millions of people. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Canadian government even began using the term “demineralized” in place of “radioactive” when discussing the leak.

Fast forward to June and we now have three more nuclear power plants under threat from “natural” disasters. Ft. Calhoun, while receiving scant coverage by the mainstream media, is now surrounded by flood water from the Missouri river. The facility is a storage site for 20 years worth of nuclear waste material; specifically, spent fuel rods from different plants in the state as well at its own.

When asked about the safety concerns regarding the facility, Gary Gates, CEO of the Ft. Calhoun facility, said, “There is no water inside the plant. The reactor is covered with borated water. The spent fuel is covered with borated water, which we want it to be. That’s intentional. That’s where it should be. The floodwaters are outside Fort Calhoun, not inside.”

At this time, there is no concrete evidence that there has been a meltdown or radioactive leakage from the Ft. Calhoun plant. However, there are some suspicious occurrences at the facility. First, there was a fire in the switch room, but it is maintained that this fire was contained to the switch room and that it was not flood related. The fire did shut down the cooling pumps for about 90 minutes but the backup generators were quickly used to return power to the pumps.

Later, one of the berms holding back the flood waters mysteriously collapsed. Unfortunately, with the weather in Nebraska still wet and nasty, levees are still being breached and dams are still overflowing. Under these conditions, a damaged berm is something that Ft. Calhoun can ill afford.

Strangely, even though the “switch room fire” occurred on June 7th, the FAA had imposed a flight ban within a two mile radius of the nuclear plant. The FAA claims the flight ban is a result of the Missouri flooding; but, as Ricky Kreitner of the Business Insider points out, “[But] the FAA ban specifically lists the Forth Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant as the location for the flight plan.”

Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) spokesman Jeff Hanson stated that the flight ban is due to power lines and “security reasons that we can’t reveal.” Of course, the real reasons for the ban are unknown, but it is highly suspect that water and power lines on the ground have prompted a ban on traffic in the air.

Not only that, but the Red Cross shelter next to the Fort Calhoun facility has been closed, an odd thing to do in the event of an emergency. Particularly when the Red Cross is on location as a result of an emergency in the first place.

Since the March 11th Japan Radiation event, this Ministry has been warning of the effects and that it would be spread via weather and jet streams. These effects are all a part of Yahweh’s plan to bring righteous judgment upon mankind and cleanse the earth.

The misuse of this planet’s resources by mankind, and the total disregard for it being a natural recycling creation, and the involvement of the LOZ to rectify creation through the use of violence, it all adds doom to its inhabitants – including the animal kingdom, sea life, and insect populations. Yahweh is performing a two-fold process. She is cleansing the earth, and She is altering it in preparation for making it the jewel it once was. Yahweh’s land (She owns everything in creation) has become polluted, and Her temple of worship has become defiled with falsehoods. A pattern was set long ago:2 Chronicles 34:8 “[ Josiah’s Repair of the Temple ] In the eighteenth year of his reign, in order to cleanse the land and the temple, Josiah sent Shaphan son of Azaliah, along with Maaseiah the governor of the city and the recorder Joah son of Joahaz, to repair the temple of the LORD his God.”

First Yahweh CLEANSES. Then She repairs what is wrong by making it conform to Her LAWS that bring harmony to the land ( the earth) and all of creation as a whole. But, is Yahweh justified in taking action against Her creation and thereby killing whatever stands in Her way of bringing things back into harmony?

Proverbs 20:30 “Lashes and wounds purge away evil, and beatings cleanse the innermost parts.”

Through judgment that is righteous in Yahweh’s eyes, She has the right – bound by Her own LAWS – to cleanse Her creation of whomever She declares as being a traitor to Her throne of authority. And of whomever shares a relationship with those traitors, though born into this arena of the spiritual war.

Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?