Jellyfish Attack on Reactors in UK AND Japan

Jellyfish shut down reactors at UK nuke plant

Reactors at the Torness nuclear power station have been shut down by jellyfish.

A large influx of the creatures from the North Sea clogged filters in the water-cooling system.

The plant, near Dunbar, East Lothian, uses seawater to cool the reactors.

The jellyfish were “sucked in” as part of that process and obstructed the filters which are used to prevent debris and sea creatures entering the system.

The operators of Torness say the reactors have been shut down as a precaution and stress there is no danger to the public.

Jellyfish attack on Japanese nuclear reactor eases

(Reuters) – A Japanese nuclear reactor that slowed down when jellyfish partly blocked a seawater intake resumed normal operations on Friday, operator Chugoku Electric Power Co said.

Output from the 820 megawatt reactor fell to 770 MW on Thursday after the jellyfish partly covered the entrance of a seawater supply pipe, the Hiroshima-based utility said.

A fall in the number of jellyfish enabled the No.2 reactor at its sole Shimane plant return to operating at full capacity on Friday, it said.


The domino effect of the collapse of the natural world causes calamities in perhaps for us the least expected of ways, but it is all a part of Yahweh’s plan in bringing judgment upon mankind.