Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Video: UFO Armada over UK Accompanied by “strange noise” reported elsewhere

The “strange noise” heard in the first video has also been captured elsewhere in the world and reported on this blog. Are you starting to put together the clues yet? The LOZ continues… Continue reading

Germany’s Superbug Weaponized With Black Plague DNA

“On Tuesday [May 31], the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitungreported that [leading German E. coli researcher Helge] Karch had discovered that the O104:H4 bacteria responsible for the current outbreak is a so-called chimera that contains… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings (& Strange Light)

We’ve noted quite a few of these strange light instances popping up in various places in the world.

West Bank: Arabs burn Jewish holy books

Some 200 Palestinians armed with bats and iron chains raided the illegal West Bank outpost of Gaon HaYarden Friday and burned Jewish holy books at the site, the settlers said. The Arab attackers… Continue reading

Five UK Counties In The Grip Of Drought

Five parched counties are officially suffering from drought after an exceptionally dry spring. But despite the drought classification for Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk, the water shortages are not expected… Continue reading

Is All the Wild Weather Connected?

This has been a wild year, weather-wise. In the winter, there was the record snowfall across the Northeast. Record rainfall and floods in Ohio Valley followed in April and May. The Southwest has… Continue reading

Phenomenon worsening? Fish continue to die in Arabian Gulf waters

June 11, 2011 – KUWAIT CITY – Contrary to the claims of the Environment Public Authority (EPA), the Kuwait Society for Protection of Environment says fish are continuing to die in large numbers… Continue reading

Summer snow falls on summit of Snowdon

The summit of Snowdon under a white blanket of snow: it’s a picture postcard cliche. But if you thought this photograph was taken in the dark days of winter then think again. The… Continue reading

Worse Than Meltdown, Government Report Says Devastating ‘Melt-through’ Has Occurred at Fukushima; Official Suggests Japan Could Become ‘Uninhabitable’

(NaturalNews) Recent reports confirming that Reactors 1, 2, and 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility completely melted just hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11 have… Continue reading

Arctic Ice Shrinks and Land Crumbles Under Storms

Storm surges have hit the Arctic coastline throughout recorded history. Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks reported evidence of 90 storm surges, some as high as 13 feet, on the west coast… Continue reading

Dagong Rating Agency: “The US Has Already Defaulted”

The soundbite of the day comes from AFP which quotes the infamous Chinese Rating Agency Dagong, known for being a little too truthy, which told state media Global Times what everyone already knows… Continue reading

Rare Snowfall Blankets African Desert

Parts of the south-west Africa nation of Namibia usually associated with heat and dust have been blanketed in snow. A storm brought sub zero temperatures and snow to the Namib-Naukluft Park this week,… Continue reading

Hawaii Volcano May Overflow As Lava Levels Rise

Rising lava levels at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii are being monitored closely by scientists. Video released by the US Geological Survey showed a stream of orange molten rock gathering at the volcano’s… Continue reading

Deadly Fungus Strikes Joplin Tornado Survivors, Volunteers

The Springfield News-Leader reports as many as nine cases have been reported in tornado victims across the area in various hospitals. Once the aggressive fungus — called zygomycosis — enters the body, it… Continue reading

Videos: Latest UFO Sightings

New Crop Circle – Kingstone Coombes, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire, Reported 9th June


China chemical spill taints city’s water supply

Carbolic acid spilled into a river that supplies drinking water to the Chinese city of Hangzhou, knocking out supplies to more than half a million people in the suburbs and creating a run… Continue reading

Apocalypse Airlines: Fueled, on the tarmac and waiting for the End of the world

In the event of nuclear war, a powerful meteor strike or even a zombie apocalypse, the thoroughly protected doomsday plane is ready to keep the president, secretary of defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff… Continue reading

ANIMAPOCALYPSE: Hundreds of Penguins Wash Up On Uruguayan Shores

As many as 600 Magallan penguins have been found dead on Uruguayan coasts; scientists are investigating why so many penguins have died on their way to Brazilian waters. Authorities said they also spotted… Continue reading

What are the chances the U.S. economy could eventually trigger violence in our country?

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty: For the first time maybe since the Vietnam War or certainly since the civil rights movement, there are some darkening storm clouds on the civility horizon. A growing number… Continue reading

77 Cadets Treated After Lightning Strike At Camp Shelby

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Seventy-seven Air Force cadets were being treated Wednesday for injuries related to a lightning strike at Camp Shelby, military officials said.The military service members were taken to hospitals in the… Continue reading

CNN: 48% believe a Great Depression is coming within a year

Alternate headline: Great Depression worries go mainstream.  I guess we can count Barack Obama among the 51% who aren’t worried about it, since he’s not even worrying about a double-dip recession.  CNN’s latest… Continue reading

Measles outbreaks across Europe show no sign of slowing

Countries in the WHO European Region continue to battle large measles outbreaks that are spreading between countries and to other regions of the world. To date, 24 countries in Region have reported measles… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings

The object in the 2nd video appears to be what is referred to as a “Rod”. Here’s the argument against the phenomena: “Subsequent investigations proved that the appearance of flying rods on… Continue reading

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

It may not come as surprising news to many of you that the United Nations doesn’t approve of our Second Amendment. Not one bit. And they very much hope to do something about… Continue reading