Underwater landslide likely cause of ‘mild tsunami’

Sailor Bob Brown said the tidal surge swept down the Yealm estuary near Plymouth, at “about four times the normal speed”

A “mild tsunami” along the South West coast was probably caused by an underwater landslide, a coastal expert has said.

The unusual tidal surge struck the Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire coastline on Monday morning.

There were reports of rivers changing direction, fish leaping out of water and hair standing on end due to static.

Dr Mark Davidson, from the University of Plymouth, said the surge was quite a “rare” occurrence.

The first reports of the event came from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

Boatman Dave Ladner said: “The funniest thing was on the causeway all the ladies’ hair was standing on end with the static.

“The sea on the eastern side was probably 8ins (20cm) to a 1ft (0.3m) higher than the rest and it was pouring over the causeway like a torrent rather than just a gentle meeting in the middle.”

Roland Stewart from Millbrook, near Plymouth, said: “It was quite violent in a way, my dinghy was moving around with the movement of the water and I just wondered what the hell was going on…. within 15 minutes it was all over.”


All things happen in a state of progression. Nothing happens quickly. It happens over time. This particular virus can be compared to the preflood era at the time the judgment came forth. First, it sprinkled, then it progressively rained harder until it was pouring at such a rate that the earthen hillsides began to mudslide and the waters slowly rose above the high mountains as things progressively worsened. Father taught Michael as Her master apprentice to create things over a period of time. Each visible and invisible thing in both planes of existence were created on a scale of progression. It is the same in these End Times during this Tribulation period.