Nearly 200 Queen’s swans killed by vandals and virus

NEARLY 200 swans have died as a result of a severe winter and the worst outbreak of a virus for years, a Royal official says.

And many young birds are being shot in vandal attacks, causing “horrific” injuries and slow deaths, it has been revealed, ahead of the traditional Swan Upping on the River Thames.

The annual 12th century tradition is set to take place next month and this year’s census of the white water bird’s population will assess just how great the death toll has been.

Marlow will be one of the stops along the way as the Queen’s Swan Marker counts the number of young cygnets.

Assisted by the Queen’s Swan Warden, Professor Christopher Perrins of the University of Oxford, the swans and young cygnets are also assessed for injury and disease.

David Barber, The Queen’s Swan Marker said: “Another winter of severe weather has contributed to the death of many swans.

“Furthermore, a virus known as duck virus enteritis was discovered within the mute swan population on the River Thames.

“Unfortunately, more than 180 swans were found either dying or dead on the river between Reading and Windsor, with over 115 deaths being reported in the Windsor area alone.

He said the virus is not uncommon in swans but added: “this was the worst outbreak on the Thames we have seen in many years.”


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