Lightning Kills 22 Students, Teacher in Uganda

Twenty-two students and a teacher died when lightning struck their school in Uganda, officials said.

Another 51 students, aged 7 to 16 were injured in the freak strike 160 miles northwest of Kampala, said local police spokeswoman Zura Ganyana.

Lightning strikes in recent weeks have killed at least 38 people around the country in recent weeks, as  unseasonably heavy storms have ravaged the area. Experts said the school was prone because it is on high ground and does not have a lighting conductor to ground strikes.

Another lightning strike injured 37 students at a school 200 miles away, officials said.


Lightening is something that is used in creation to help in the process of revitalizing planets like Earth, just as it does that each time it strikes the Earth. It is also a WEAPON of Father’s. Why? Because Father is who? Mother Nature. And where does the lightening come from? From the LAW of electricity that Father had Michael institute within the scope of creation.