Ukraine lashed by severe storm- crops and roads washed away

Storm warning announced in Crimea. Rain with hail,  accompanied by strong gusts of wind have caused damage to many regions of Ukraine.

Only in Chernivtsi region alone 600 hectares of winter wheat , 607 ha of sugar beets were destroyed,  11 km. gravel cover on local roads were washed away. In general, regional energy distribution company’s teams have to restore power in 96 settlements of 11 regions.


There are many parallels in creation that act as signs. Just as major storms rage all across the planet, it is the LOZ who is bringing Yahweh’s prophecies to completion. This is who will storm the earth and execute those left after the remnant have been salvaged. This is who is flying around and being reported as UFO’s.

Most concentrate on the message of Grace and disregard the Wrath. Grace is passing and Wrath is occurring. Soon, all the bowls of punishment will have been poured out in the punishment phase that is designed to be a warning to those that are  survivor Kingdom Subjects of Christ’s , and then the full cup of Wrath will be administered upon the inhabitants of this planet. Do you hate this message? Do you desire to concentrate on Grace only? It will not save you unless you are marked as part of the remnant. Your heart condition will tell your outcome.