European Banks Scrambling to Prevent Default by Greece

European banks and insurers are scrambling to prevent a default by Greece amid worries that Greece’s parliament won’t pass a much-needed austerity plan next week.

The focus right now is on a voluntary rollover of their Greek government debt holdings, a measure aimed at getting around rating agencies’ reservations and avoiding a Greek government default.

Still, stocks continued to decline and credit default swaps for Greece, Italy and Portugal widened on the renewed concerns about a potential default. The euro also declined against the US dollar for the third straight day.

Finance officials are discussing with banks and insurers a proposal to replace existing Greek debt with a different type of bond, which they hope will persuade credit rating agencies to refrain from declaring the Greek government in default, two senior European banking sources told Reuters.

The proposal foresees a voluntary rollover of debt into securities of a different credit composition to avoid agencies moving Greece to default status, the sources said.

“Only by a completely different composition of the bonds would the rating agencies see the restructuring as voluntary and not declare Greece insolvent,” said one senior banker.


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