Second HK child dies of mutated scarlet fever

HONG KONG(AP) – A mutated strain of scarlet fever more resistant to antibiotics has killed a second child in Hong Kong, the first deaths from the illness in the southern Chinese city in at least a decade, authorities said Wednesday.

Certain characteristics of the new strain likely make it more contagious, and it may be responsible for an outbreak sweeping Hong Kong, said Professor Kwok-yung Yuen, head of Hong Kong University’s microbiology department.

The new strain strain has about 60 percent resistance to antibiotics used to treat it, compared with 10 to 30 percent in previous strains, he said.

A 5-year-old boy who died at a hospital Tuesday was confirmed to have scarlet fever Wednesday. A 7-year-old girl who died in May was the first patientin Hong Kong to die of the illness in at least 10 years.

Hong Kong has had 466 reported cases of scarlet fever so far this year, about double the annual total. The outbreak may have spread to neighboring Macau and mainland China.

About 9,000 cases have been reported on the mainland, about double the average from recent years, although no information is available on deaths, the Hong Kong Standard newspaper reported, citing healthofficials. Macau has 49 cases, a jump from 29 cases in 2009 and 16 in 2010, but no deaths have been reported, the Macau Daily Times said.

“We are facing an epidemic because the bacteria causing scarlet fever is widely circulating in the region – not only in Hong Kong but neighboring places such as the mainland and Macau,” said Thomas Tsang, controller of Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection, the Standard reported.


Just remember that these disasters and calamities will all eventually culminate into peace and harmony. If we all liked what is happening to those that are not worthy, then it would mean we have no natural feelings. But even our Mother and Christ regret that this must be done. That is why Mother offered Her Only Begotten Son as the atonement for Adam and Eve’s sin, but there must eventually be a cleansing, and though it makes us cringe at the disasters and death toll, it is because of this feeling that we fear the One bringing calamity upon those that will not obey Her Word. It does not give us satisfaction that many must perish for lack of acceptance of Yahweh’s Truth and dire warnings. We just must accept what cannot be changed for those that refuse to listen and change their course in life.