Flood Threat Creates ‘Psychological Roller Coaster’ in Minot, N.D.

JIM LEHRER: Now the latest on the flooding overwhelming cities in North Dakota, including Minot.

Margaret Warner has our update.

MARGARET WARNER: The water is gurgling in some places and rushing in others, and all the residents of Minot can do is wait and watch. Today, the Souris River hit an all-time high, breaking a record set in 1881, and it kept rising.

MAN: We can’t do anything about it but accept it, do our best, and pray, pray, pray, you know?

MARGARET WARNER: The source of the misery lies in Saskatchewan, Canada, where heavy snowmelt filled reservoirs and sent a surge down the Souris into North Dakota.

Recent rain added to the flood, forcing Lake Darling to release water just 30 miles north of Minot.

MAN: This town is being evacuated, effective immediately.

MARGARET WARNER: More than 10,000 people, roughly a quarter of the city’s population, have been forced to evacuate so far this week, and more may follow.

WOMAN: Really scary, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. And I feel bad for everyone who is in the evacuation zones, because we have got family that’s living with us right now that’s in the evacuation zones. And it’s just a really hard thing to go through.

MARGARET WARNER: Shelter space is at a premium because housing in Minot was already in short supply, with an expanding air force base nearby and a boom in oil development in western North Dakota.

WOMAN: Everybody was booked up at the hotels and motels already, and so this was the perfect place to come back to.

MARGARET WARNER: For now, police in Minot have cordoned off parts of the downtown to help bulldozers get around, as they labor to build up earthen levees.

Other roads are cut off by the water, and some people have taken to getting around in airboats. But the worst is yet to come. The river is expected to rise another six or seven feet, before it crests, possibly by Sunday, and slowly begins to recede.


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