Overnight Christchurch quake upgraded

A sharp quake which rocked Christchurch last night has been upgraded to a magnitude 5.4.

The quake rocked the region at 10.34pm and was followed by a further 10 aftershocks overnight, with the biggest being a magnitude 4.4 shortly before 3.30am.

A Christchurch supermarket sustained more damage in the 5.4 aftershock than it did during the February 22 or June 13 quakes.

A Halswell New World staff member said “everything fell off every shelf”. The store lost “an extensive amount of stock” with wine and juice bottles smashed in the aisles.

About a dozen staff came in to clean up the mess for four hours last night.

The main jolt was first thought to be centred 10km west of Akaroa, but GNS seismologist John Ristau said this morning that records now show it was centred just 10km south of Christchurch city, near Halswell.

The New World staffer, who did not want to be named, said she was not surprised to hear the earthquake centre was actually close to Halswell.

“It must have been centred near here because this is the most amount of damage we have sustained this year.”


Yahweh’s message there during the first large earthquake, was that they are not teaching the TRUTH about Her or Christ. In other past earthquakes elsewhere, idols have been knocked over, and people buried alive for practicing Voodoo and other false religious rites. Yahweh is speaking through Her Powerful Right Arm via Her natural arsenal.