White House to Congress: We Don’t Need Your Authorization On Libya

WASHINGTON — The White House finally made its case to Congress on why it doesn’t need lawmakers’ approval to forge ahead with military operations in Libya: Because we’re not at war.

Senior administration officials said Wednesday that the fact that the U.S. is only playing a support role in the NATO-led military effort in Libya — that is, no U.S. troops on the ground and no potential for casualties — and only plans to be involved for a short time means Obama doesn’t need congressional authorization per the War Powers Act to proceed.

“We are confident that we’re operating consistent with the resolution,” an administration official said on a conference call with reporters. “That doesn’t mean that we don’t want the full, ongoing consultation with Congress or authorization as we move forward, but that doesn’t go to our legal position under the statute itself, and we’re confident of that.”

The call came hours before the White House submitted a detailed, 32-page report to Congress that maps out the administration’s legal justification for Obama continuing to call the shots on Libya without congressional approval.


Satan’s long reign is finally coming to its end this side of Armageddon. His last ditch effort will prove as futile as his past tries to rule over mankind. He has found the human race more rebellious than he can manage, and more of rebels than his own self and family of demons / converts to Yahweh’s Throne of Authority. Mankind in general is non-manageable, just as they were before the great flood swept them all away except for Yahweh’s small remnant.

Watch as it unfolds…recognize the signs. Remember and you will know when it occurs, why it is happening.

Previously shared by this ministry in April 2011: Presently the E.U. is raising its head to become further involved in Libya. As it continues to move forward with strides, the USA will fall farther into oblivion.