Nabro Volcano Eruption Intensifies, Ash Cloud Shifts West

Volcanic activity has increased at the Nabro volcano in Eritrea, just four days after the stratovolcano sent an ash plume more than 15km into the air.

The ash drifted westnorthwest over Sudan Wednesday evening threatening to bring further disruption to air traffic in the east Africa region.

Sunday night’s eruption led to some flight cancellations in neighbouring Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia, and saw a massive ash plume being carried as far away as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkmenistan, the Central African Republic and Egypt.

The below MODIS Terra 1km True Colour satellite image, captured Wednesday afternoon, shows the ash plume drifting hundreds of kilometres west of Nabro.

The most recent ash advisory from the Toulouse, France, based Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre indicates that a relatively small region is affected by emissions from Nabro.   The next update is expected to feature a much more expansive ash advisory, affecting neighbouring Sudan.

The latest eruption follows two relatively small earthquakes in the region on Wednesday. Two magnitude earthquakes were registered in the vicinity of the stratvolcao at 3.47am and 8.30am (both GMT). Source

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