S. America rattled by volcano devastation

Several Latin American countries in the path of volcanic ash unleashed from a Chilean Andean crater are facing critical shortages of water, agricultural collapse, disruptions in transportation and growing risks to human and animal health.

Toxic ash clouds, seen to be dispersing toward Australia, have dumped the powdery substance across vast swathes of territory in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Air travel over the weekend remained erratic, with dozens of passenger aircraft grounded across airports in the region.

The Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano range in southern Chile began erupting June 4.

The ski season in Patagonia also faced cancellations as volcanic ash affected airport operations at Bariloche, Argentina, and clogged waterways including a river that runs off the slopes of the volcano.

Several thousand inhabitants of nearby towns and villages in Chile and Argentina remained displaced, though some were allowed to return to their damaged homes.

Argentina said it faced an agricultural emergency in its Patagonian region as the blanket of ash left thousands of farm animals without pasture or water.

An estimated 750,000 sheep have been affected in Argentina alone. Data from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay weren’t immediately available.


Things looking bad in South America and not any better here in the US. Another recap from May: The underground aquifers also tainted. Well water is no longer safe in flooded areas even after the waters recede. Be cautious of rainwater, it is also tainted, and what it is tainted with will eventually affect all surface and underground water. No amount of boiling will make it safe.

Soon, Yahweh will be directing the animal kingdom – as they begin to starve – towards humankind as a food source. Those once preyed upon will become the predator. Fear of mankind will be lifted from their instinct and survival will become their driving force.