Mighty Mo. keeps rising, Iowans keep sandbagging

Now, it’s time to wait.

Cities and counties along the Missouri River have sandbagged and built levees around infrastructure. They’ve reinforced levees by the river and discussed options with homeowners and businesses.

But now, “everything depends on the weather and the river,” Fremont County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Crecelius said.

State officials expect Sioux City and surrounding areas to start seeing more widespread impact of the rising waters, beginning today.

And with the Army Corps of Engineers planning to start releasing the maximum amount of water from Gavins Point Dam on Tuesday – a day later than expected – other communities on both sides of the river will soon learn whether their painstaking, back-aching preparations were sufficient.

The increased flows will last “well into August,” officials said.

“We’re shifting from a phase of preparation to a phase of vigilance,” Council Bluffs spokesman Art Hill said.

Fremont County in southwest Iowa may be the most nervous of all the Iowa counties along the Missouri River.


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