Worse Than Meltdown, Government Report Says Devastating ‘Melt-through’ Has Occurred at Fukushima; Official Suggests Japan Could Become ‘Uninhabitable’

(NaturalNews) Recent reports confirming that Reactors 1, 2, and 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility completely melted just hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11 have been trumped by even worse news that those same reactors have all likely “melted through,” a situation that according to Japan’s Daily Yomiuri DY is “the worst possibility in a nuclear accident.”

And senior political official Ichiro Ozawa suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the Fukushima situation could make the entire country of Japan “unlivable.”

A nuclear core meltdown involves nuclear fuel exceeding its melting point to the point where it damages the core, leaks out, and threatens to potentially release high levels of radiation into the environment. However, a nuclear melt-through is an even worse scenario, as nuclear fuel literally melts through the bottom of damaged reactor pressure vessels into out containment vessels — and possibly even melts through those outer vessels directly into ground, air, and water.

The report suggesting that melt-throughs have already occurred, which is set to be submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is the “first official recognition” of this dire situation, according to DY. It also confirms early suspicions that such a scenario had been underway all along, as later reports confirmed that the epic disaster at the reactors had produced holes in come of the plant’s core containment vessels, and that radioactive water, and possibly even fuel, were leaking into the lower vessels.

Watch the news daily as things swiftly fall into place.
(From March, 2011) The end time is in full swing, and as Christ noted, just as it was in Noah’s day, they took no notice until they were swept away. But like Noah and his family children, we are looking to our Mother and Christ for the Ark of safety. She will not leave us to share in this world’s destruction.
Sadly I must say, the Japanese people are doomed. They are being heavily radiated and more earthquakes on the way.

Yahweh is using JAPAN for an example; the LOZ will not let up until Japan is destroyed; what follows it, follows the entire world.