China chemical spill taints city’s water supply

Carbolic acid spilled into a river that supplies drinking water to the Chinese city of Hangzhou, knocking out supplies to more than half a million people in the suburbs and creating a run on bottled water in the city of 9 million.

A tanker truck carrying 20 tons of the caustic chemical overturned late on Saturday night. The chemical, also known as phenol, was washed by rain into the Xin’an river about 90 miles (145km) south-west of Hangzhou, the city government said in a report on its website.

The city said an emergency worker died, but it did not say how. It said authorities temporarily shut down water plants and released extra water from nearby dams to dilute the spill, which affected the water supplies of at least 552,000 people in Hangzhou’s suburbs.

The concentration of carbolic acid near the accident site remained at more than 900 times the safe drinking level on Monday, the report said.


As reported by this ministry 5/10/11: The coming epidemics from tainted water will begin to spread shortly. Hospitals will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that are infected. Boiling water is still the best defense against water born diseases, and should also be boiled to bathe with. People living in flooded areas should follow this precaution.

The animal kingdom will also suffer from the effects. Those with pets in the infected areas should boil their drinking water also. Pets that are permitted free range will become infected. Livestock will also be at risk from the new strains of bacteria that are in the toxic brew if permitted to drink the tainted water.