American E.coli fears as toddler dies and more fall ill

A girl of two who died at the weekend had been infected with E.coli sparking fears of a Germany-style outbreak in America – as the Agriculture Secretary said it could never happen here.

The child, from Dryden, Virginia, died after being exposed to the lethal strain that already appears to have spread throughout the South.

Health officials have admitted that in Tennessee one child is in hospital and several others are being treated for exposure to the virus.

The disclosures have stoked fears that the U.S. could be heading for a similar outbreak as that which hit Germany in which 23 people have died and 2,330 are ill.

But they came on the day that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the extraordinary claim he was ‘reasonably confident’ that America will not face a similar crisis.

In an interview he would only say that the development ‘reinforces that we need to remain vigilant here about food safety’.

In the wake of the crisis in Germany, the European Commission has proposed a $219m aid package for farmers who have been affected.

Today public health experts sharply contradicted Mr Vilsack saying that a serious outbreak in the U.S. was already upon us.

‘Could it happen here? It already has,’ infectious disease expert Larry Lutwick of SUNY-Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn told USA Today.


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