Huge Spinning Storm off California… in June!

Having lived in California for 14 years, I have never seen a storm like this during June. It is unheard of. Typically the rainy season has ended long ago, by this time of year.

The size of this monster storm is nearly 1,000 miles in diameter and is nearly perfectly symmetrical! Parts of California are currently getting pummeled with bands of record breaking rainfall for this time of year, while the storm is forecast to continue spinning its way east towards the coast. Thunderstorms are forecast for Saturday night and Sunday for central California, which again is very highly unusual for this part of the country this time of year.

The weather events lately around the country, and the world, have been extraordinary and exciting to observe, except for the tragedies that have resulted from some of the severe weather.

This particular storm looks to be so wrapped up, it appears similar to a hurricane in the visible satellite imagery from today. It is not a hurricane though. It is a very well defined low-pressure system. Picture Perfect. Something we would see here in January… not June.


1 Thessalonians 5
‘The Day of the Lord
1 About the times and the seasons: brothers, you do not need anything to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. 3 When they say, “Peace and security,” then sudden destruction comes on them, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. ”

Christ told each of us how to recognize the end times by exampling the seasonal change, but if you knew the change correctly, then he could not arrive like a thief in the night. Therefore, perception will become distorted.

“He changes the times and seasons;” TIME and SEASONS.

Daniel 2:21 “He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

The LOZ is almost to the complete lifting of the veil. Dawn just needs to fulfill his final epitaph, and then LOOK OUT! The LOZ will darken the skies as we descend upon this planet in wave upon wave – just like a Pacific storm.