Videos – Latest UFO Sightings May-June 2011

UK – This interesting footage of unknown bright stationary object was recorded in Wolds, Lincolnshire, UK on Thursday, 2nd June 2011. The object made no sound and about 30 minutes after the sighting, 2 helicopters appeared in the sky. Source

05-25-2011 – ufo report at approximately 23.30 hours security camera in the city of Ituzaingo (Buenos Aires) – Argentina Police received a call from the neighboring. rare lights in the sky, police alerts in the area, where there are security cameras looking for and they capture with high quality images of the spectrum (UFO). The UFO lights changed from green, purple and blue, suspended in the air and a moving light, which crosses over the first object these pictures were taken by security cameras which there is no way that they are false. Source

UFO sightings 2011 – Possible UFO sighting of unknown objects or orbs flying across the sky over Texas in United States was recorded on 21st May 2011.
Witness report: alright this video was capture by a friend of mine who told me the story the night after … as he was telling me he seemed really sure of what he was talking about. He first started saying they were balls of fire … I asked what he meant by balls … i ask if they were circular.. he said yes… I asked why do you say fire,… he response by saying it was Fire! furthermore, he showed me the video on his cellphone. The video shows about 6 to 8 circular objects flying through the sky in a pattern. On the video they objects seem white, but when you watch it,… there’s bout 4 other friends and his wife saying its Fire … ” its’ fire, it flickers!”