Expert Says 2011 Tornadoes 106% Above Average

If it seems like this year’s tornado season has been unusually severe, that’s because it has.  The Weather Channel and’s Tornado Expert Dr. Greg Forbes says the 2011 tornado numbers are a mind-boggling 106% above average.  And the year is not over yet.

“It took until December in 2010 to have as many tornadoes as we’ve already had this year,” says Dr. Forbes.
Needless to say, by virtue of an inconceivable April, we’re on a record pace.”

While we’ve had tornadoes in every month this year, the extreme tornado outbreaks began in April and continued through May.  Dr. Forbes keeps a meticulous list of every tornado report throughout the year.  He’s crunched the numbers to compare 2011 to every other year in the past decade.

2011 Tornado Statistics
Forbes Count           10-Yr Average       Departure from Average
Jan                                             16                            22                      -32%    Actual
Feb                                             61                            32                      +91%   Actual
Mar                                            75                            83                      -10%   Actual
Apr (573 confirmed)               762                          163                    +367%  (Forbes estimate)
May                                          332                          298                     +11%   (Forbes estimate)
June (through 2nd)                   13                            16                     -19%  (Forbes estimate)
2011 (to date)                        1262                    614                   +106%  (Forbes estimate)


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