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Underwater landslide likely cause of ‘mild tsunami’

Sailor Bob Brown said the tidal surge swept down the Yealm estuary near Plymouth, at “about four times the normal speed” A “mild tsunami” along the South West coast was probably caused by… Continue reading

Long Island Officials Warn Of Rapidly Spreading Whooping Cough Virus

SMITHTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A cluster of whooping cough is growing on Long Island, with dozens of people infected by the virus. As CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reports, a warning was sent out… Continue reading

25 dead, 15 missing from flash flood in the Philippines

June 30, 2011 – MANILA – Twenty-five people were killed and up to 15 others were missing as a flash flood triggered by heavy rains devastated a riverside community in the Philippines, rescuers… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Crop Circle at Bienate (MILANO) Reported 30th June


Strange rumbling noises above Alkmaar Holland

After a heavy storm I heard a strange constant rumbling, I took my camera into the front garden and filmed the grey sky, it sounded like thunder, it must have been thunder only… Continue reading

Record ‘dead zone’ predicted in Gulf of Mexico

The so-called dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico — a region of oxygen-depleted water off the Louisiana and Texas coasts that is harmful to sea life — is predicted to be the… Continue reading

Ocean life ‘facing mass extinction’

Pollution, global warming and other man-made problems are pushing the world’s oceans to the brink of a mass extinction of marine life unprecedented in tens of millions of years, a consortium of scientists… Continue reading

Nearly 200 Queen’s swans killed by vandals and virus

NEARLY 200 swans have died as a result of a severe winter and the worst outbreak of a virus for years, a Royal official says. And many young birds are being shot in… Continue reading

Fish Death’s Continue – Latest Stories

Mass fish deaths in Moscow A fishy case has washed up at the door of Moscow’s prosecutors after dead perches and roaches were spotted by city dwellers in the Yauza river in eastern… Continue reading

Lightning Kills 22 Students, Teacher in Uganda

Twenty-two students and a teacher died when lightning struck their school in Uganda, officials said. Another 51 students, aged 7 to 16 were injured in the freak strike 160 miles northwest of Kampala,… Continue reading

Update on UK Crops Circles June 2011

Fonthill Down, Nr Chicklade. Wiltshire. Reported 27th June Source Allington (2), nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June Source Charlbury Hill, nr Hinton Parva, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June Source Allington, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported… Continue reading

Tons of radioactive water leaking from crippled Japanese nuclear power plant

June 28, 2011 – JAPAN – Tons of radioactive water were discovered on Tuesday to have leaked into the ground from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, the latest in a series of leaks at… Continue reading

Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier melting from below twice as fast as perviously thought

June 28, 2011 – ANTARCTICA – Stronger ocean currents beneath West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf are eroding the ice from below, speeding the melting of the glacier as a whole, according… Continue reading

Videos: Recent UFO Sightings from Around the World

Crop Circles: Two More Reported in UK June 2011

Fonthill Down, Nr Chicklade. Wiltshire. Reported 27th June Source Allington, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June Source

Monsanto trying to take over world seed supply, nation by nation

(NaturalNews) He who controls the seed controls the food supply; and he who controls the food supply controls the world. There is no question that Monsanto is on a mission to monopolize the… Continue reading

Dollar seen losing global reserve status

The US dollar will lose its status as the global reserve currency over the next 25 years, according to a survey of central bank reserve managers who collectively control more than $8,000bn. More… Continue reading

Scientists Say California Mega-Quake Imminent

Like a steaming kettle with the top on, pressure is building beneath the surface of California that could unleash a monster earthquake at any time. That’s according to a new study from the… Continue reading

E. coli strain behind German deaths apparently resurfaces in France

Paris (CNN) — The strain of E. coli blamed for 46 deaths in Germany appears to have resurfaced in France, the French Ministry of Health said. The new outbreak has sickened eight people,… Continue reading

Crop Circle in Hoeven, Holland June 25, 2011

Hoeven. Reported 26th June Source DATE: June 25-26, 2011 (around midnight) LOCATION: Hoeven, Holland CROP: Barley FOUND BY: Robbert v/d Broeke, Ellen Gomis PHOTOS: Roy Boschman REPORT: Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team DESCRIPTION:… Continue reading

Video: UFO over Arakawa Kawaguch, Japan, 2011-06-22

Freak Summer Hailstorm in Scotland’s Sunniest City

June 26, 2011 – SCOTLAND –  Scotland’s sunniest city experienced a freak hailstorm this week after ominous clouds moved over Dundee. Thunder, lightning, heavy rainfall and hailstones hit Dundee on Thursday afternoon. The… Continue reading

Sinkhole hits Inskip beach, Queensland

June 26, 2011 – QUEENSLAND – Now you see it, now you don’t. That was the case at Inskip beach, north of Tin Can Bay, yesterday as a 100m-wide section of beach was… Continue reading

European Banks Scrambling to Prevent Default by Greece

European banks and insurers are scrambling to prevent a default by Greece amid worries that Greece’s parliament won’t pass a much-needed austerity plan next week. The focus right now is on a voluntary… Continue reading