Harold Camping Ditches Evangelism, Focuses Only on the ‘Saved’

Harold Camping is tossing the witnessing tracts and no longer focusing on bringing people to Jesus Christ. His main task now, he said, is to nurture those already saved.

For others, he suggested, it’s already too late.

During his radio program “Open Forum” on Thursday, the Family Radio president received a call from a faithful listener who said she was disappointed and confused following the May 21 rapture dud.

Camping had predicted that the rapture and Judgment Day would begin on May 21. When that didn’t happen, he offered a new interpretation and said a spiritual judgment came upon the world that day, not a physical one.

The caller complained that though Camping declared that the work of salvation came to a close on May 21 and that no one can come to Christ anymore, Family Radio was sending out mixed signals with some announcers still preaching about salvation.

The 89-year-old Christian broadcaster responded, saying that they are “gradually beginning to check out our programs” and that they have shifted from Judgment Day to “feed my sheep.”

“Our job right now is to feed the sheep,” Camping said. “Millions have become saved and many of them … they’ve just become saved and they know very little about the word of God. And now we have a tremendous task to nurture them.”


Do not believe the falsehoods of Man-Made religious sects out there who preach that you must be baptized in order to receive salvation and that Once Saved is Always Saved or the falsehood of the Trinity which denies Christ of his true glory. They do not represent truth. The lying false shepherds out there who have led people away from the truth and into darkness will be dealt with personally and according to God’s will. It is only through endurance, a belief and acceptance of Christ as our Savior and a Good Heart Condition that we will obtain Eternal Life.