China reporting climate worsening

China’s reporting climate is deteriorating, a Beijing-based foreign press club said Thursday in a survey that found some overseas journalists were told to tone down coverage or risk visa problems.

The survey of 108 members of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China said 94 percent believed Chinese reporting conditions had worsened over the past year, with some citing increasing official pressure.

A spokeswoman for the foreign ministry — which handles relations with overseas media members residing in China — rejected the findings, telling a regular press briefing that freedom of reporting had “expanded”.

However, 70 percent of survey respondents said they experienced “interference, harassment and/or violence in the past year.”

Another 40 percent reported that some of their Chinese sources had been “harassed, detained, called in for questioning or otherwise suffered negative consequences for interacting with foreign journalists.”

“In 14 years reporting in China this is by far the most violent period,” one respondent was quoted as saying in the results, which were emailed to members.

“The nature of physical harassment is much worse. Across the board, uniform and plainclothes police, local authorities and even private citizens now feel it is possible to prevent foreign reporters from doing their work.”


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