Dead leopard sharks turning up in Richardson Bay

An alarming number of sick, dying and dead leopard sharks have been turning up on the shores of Richardson Bay over the past two weeks, but researchers are baffled as to what is causing the problem, observed elsewhere in the Bay Area as well.

The period of April through June is when leopard sharks enter shallow waters, like those in Richardson Bay, to spawn. This year, some are not leaving.

“I first noticed one April 10, it was acting bizarre,” said Kerry Wilcox, sanctuary manager at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary. “It was bumping into pilings and stranding itself on rocks and was coming into water that was shallower and shallower.”

Wilcox assumed it was an isolated case, but he then heard of similar issues with leopard sharks near Redwood City later in April. In less than two weeks, as many as 50 leopard sharks washed up dead near Redwood City.

Starting May 2, Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary researchers began to scour beaches along Richardson Bay after high tide. Since then, more than 20 have turned up dead.

“The leopard sharks are here this time of year anyway, but we don’t know if that’s why we are seeing dead ones or if they are being washed here,” Wilcox said. “There are all sorts of questions.”


The oceans and rivers of this planet will soon be giving signs of dread as the death toll surfaces. Rotten decaying flesh will also be washing up on shorelines and river sandbars. Contamination of fresh water has reached the point of no return this side of Yahweh’s later intervention to re-purify the waters of this planet.