Turkey rattles: 164 earthquakes in swarm and still shaking

May 20, 2011 – A 5.9-magnitude earthquake partially collapsed buildings in western Turkey on Friday, killing at least five people and injuring more than 70, according to authorities. Close to a hundred aftershocks have followed the 5.9 earthquake. Turkey is the fulcrum point of several conjoining tectonic plates. The stresses on the landmass is inordinately great. As earth changes intensity- this region will only grow more seismically unstable and dangerous with time.


Ezekiel 38:19 “I swear in My zeal and fiery rage: On that day there will be a great earthquake in the land of Israel.”

The Next Large Earthquake is About to Hit.

It will be compared to Japan’s. Thus far, Satan has defended the USA against a major quake. The location of the next quake will follow a past sighting of the LOZ crafts over that area.

Note: There have been a high amount of UFO activity taking place over Turkey the past few weeks and months. Search YouTube and you’ll find videos of them there.