Winter-like storm in late spring sends Americans checking their calendars

May 19, 2011 – FLAGSTAFF, AZ – A frigid spring storm blew through Northern Arizona on Wednesday, bringing a mix of rain, sleet and wet snow. High temperatures are typically around 70 degrees this time of year, but the high for Wednesday was 43 and came at 1:30 a.m. Temperatures hovered around freezing for much of the day. “It’s a bit on the unusual side, but not unprecedented,” said Ken Daniel, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “It’s an unusually strong and cold system coming down from the Northwest, and it’s bringing in some moisture as it moves across the state.”No road closures were reported, but blowing dust and icy pavement made driving hazardous, with accidents clogging Interstates 40 and 17. Winds gusting over 40 mph whipped up dust along I-40 between Flagstaff and Winslow and forced the Arizona Department of Public Safety to escort cars along a five-mile stretch. There were multiple rollover accidents on I-17 and a major rollover reported on Lake Mary Road. Thick fog was considered a factor in some of the accidents.


“He removes kings and establishes kings.” How does Yahweh do that? She crushes them as stated at Daniel 2:44. How?

Joel 2:7 “They attack as warriors [attack]; they scale walls as men of war [do]. Each goes on his own path, and they do not change their course.”

And so Yahweh also does what just before the kings are removed? “”He changes the times and seasons;” Do you have warm weather in winter and cold weather in summer? Tornadoes out of season? Soon, time itself will become distorted.