Christian Church Burnings Are Happening All Over The World And The U.S. Media Is Deadly Silent About It

Did you know that hundreds of church burnings have taken place all over the globe so far in 2011?  For a large percentage of those of you that are reading this article, this is the first that you have heard of it.  And do you want to know why?  News stories about church burnings and the persecution of Christians around the world are not “politically correct” enough to get into the mainstream media most of the time.  Have you ever noticed that an overwhelming percentage of news stories about Christianity in the mainstream media are negative?  There seems to be an unspoken rule that you should never report on anything that would portray the Christian faith in a positive light – even if it is reporting on how churches are being mercilessly burned to the ground.  Others fear that reporting on church burnings would somehow justify the endless wars in the Middle East.  But the truth is that many of the regimes that the U.S. government has put in place or is propping up are actively involved in the persecution of Christians.  Whatever religion you belong to, and whatever your political philosophy is, we should all be able to agree that church burnings are evil.  If you cannot agree that there is something wrong with burning churches to the ground then something is wrong.

In the United States, our founding fathers established “freedom of religion” as one of our fundamental rights.  Many of our founding fathers had escaped horrific religious persecution in Europe and many of them knew firsthand how insidious it can be.

Today, hundreds of churches around the world are being torched.  I am a Christian and I am not going to be ashamed to shed light on these great crimes.  If you don’t like that, then maybe you should ask yourself why that is the case.


Though we come under severe persecution, or even threat of death, we trust Her so much, that we take our stand no matter what anyone or anything throws at us.  Just like when Dawn was so desperate to get Job to sin, his last resort after having him covered in boils to make him so miserable he would turn against Father in preference of a total death; Dawn knew that the threat of death alone would not persuade Job, so he wanted his life so miserable he would blame Yahweh and Father would destroy Job Herself. But Job persevered through it all, and like Job, no matter what Dawn throws our way, we must seek Father all the more.