Videos of Recent UFO Sightings for May 2011

Those LOZ members from other realities are also seeded in this world, or have otherwise come through and are joining us as we prepare for the coming fight at Armageddon.

The other Gods (their realities inhabitants) that are sided with us, they are all welcome and we are all brothers and sisters regardless of where we bear our existences from.

Those that stand against us, regardless of the reality they happen to be from, they make their stand with Satan and his allies. This will culminate into the BATTLE OF THE AGES.

A wheel – or wheels within the Wheel of all that lives. Wheels within, they represent Gods. The Spiral – or Wheelwork, it represents EXISTENCE of all that is or has ever been spawned forth into creation. The Wheelwork is always at work, keeping track of what it has spawned for eternity.

The LOZ has a number of bases located under the seas of this planet. Contact with all topside members living here will be made in the near future.