Violent Storms Aim for Heartland

While not the most intense outbreak of the spring in light of the tornadoes in the South recently, violent storms into Thursday will target part of tornado alley.

Powerful thunderstorms will target part of Tornado Alley into Thursday, but the most and the worst of the storms will tend to ride north and west of areas hit the hardest by tornadoes a couple of weeks ago.

Areas from Texas to Illinois and southern Wisconsin will be the primary focus of the storms with this severe weather outbreak that will include large hail, damaging straight-line wind gusts and a couple of handfuls of tornadoes.


The air battle in the physical realm is coming soon. The United States will lead the joint effort against the LOZ. Satan has advised the USA to fire negative energy laser beams into all new tornadoes and even the threatening clouds that spawn them when the opportunity avails itself.

The U.S. will be testing Satan’s advise on tornado-control with military planes that are already equipped with long range laser weapons. The tornado’s ferocity is heightened by the LOZ members that add the extra power and size coupled with its natural spinning motion, and also alter its direction of movement across a given target area. In reality, the LOZ are the true target and not merely the tornadoes. Kill the added power source and you lessen the damage that would otherwise be catastrophic over that of a nature driven whirlwind.