Explosions amidst growing unrest seen at Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala

May 7, 2011 – GUATEMALA – Guatemalan department of Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu were declared yellow alerts due to the increased activity of the Santiaguito volcano. According to the National Institute for Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology of Guatemala, the increase is manifested in the number of explosions per hour. Such explosions generate weak and moderate echoes that could be heard 10 kilometers away and create constant avalanches of rocks on the southwestern and eastern slopes of the volcano. The Institute constantly monitors the volcano and advises the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to take precautions with air-traffic in a radius of 15 kilometers due to ash emissions.


Father brings more heat and drought to parts of this world, and floods and tornadoes, with earthquakes opening voids and swallowing land masses as they slide off into the openings. The seas will heat to a temperature that will cause a chain reaction of more turbulence and higher waves than have ever been witnessed since this planet became inhabited by mankind.

They will be some of the most devastating to have ever been unleashed. With them will come large tornadoes and hail that demolishes all within their path. And all volcanoes, even those thought to be extinct will become violently active, adding a heavy haze to the earths atmosphere.