First the tears, now the anger: Pakistanis burn U.S. flags as backlash over Bin Laden’s death grows

These were the angry scenes across Pakistan today as Muslims staged protests against the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Hundreds of people marched through Multan, burning U.S. flags and waving placards as they warned the terrorist’s death could produce many more radical figures to take his place.

It comes after crowds of weeping mourners were pictured offering funeral prayers for the Al Qaeda mastermind widely blamed for thousands of deaths at 9/11.

They will heap further pressure on the British government to justify the £650million aid package sent to a country where so many appear to hate us.

Only today Lashkar-e-Taiba – the militants behind the Mumbai terror attack – said Bin Laden’s ‘martyrdom’ would not be in vain.


Why does this represent a scored victory against our Mother’s side? It is because Satan is revealing through his prized child that they have the power to surgically infiltrate and strike any enemy no matter where they might be hiding with a death dealing blow. This raises fear in the United States ability to take on any foe, and gives rise to the steadfast resolve that Satan will not surrender the Unit3ed States to the pit of oblivion that our Mother has previously and progressively been sinking this country into. Satan is more firmly resolved to keep the United States afloat than he has ever been. Shedding his female look and taking on the look of a reigning king that is taking ground in a war that he was previously losing. And now, with outside help, he is feeling his destiny is to rule over all of creation with the coming demise of Yahweh (he hopes) as he gains momentum in revealing to the USA where natural untouched treasure awaits the nation in a rebounding of his child to wealth and esteem among his lessor children.