Tornado Batters New Zealand’s Largest City

One person has been killed and at least 14 injured as a tornado hurtled through New Zealand’s most heavily populated city, Auckland.

Police and witnesses described cars and trees whirling around and buildings left without roofs.

“There were kids in a car which turned upside down and they had to get help,” said eyewitness Hamish Blair, whose golf supplies store was in the hardest-hit area.

“I saw cars flying off the ground about 30m (100ft) in the air,” he said.

The tornado struck at the northern suburb of Albany in the middle of the afternoon, damaging a shopping centre, a large hardware store and a supermarket before moving south with a 5km trail of destruction.

Prime Minister John Key said: “It’s been a very powerful and quite devastating tornado that’s caused a significant amount of damage in a very localised area.”


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