Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Video: Several UFO Sightings in S. California March 16, 2011

  Although Satan has a strong defense around his child – the United States – the LOZ have set their sites on California. It is the next hot spot that they will bring… Continue reading

‘Odyssey Dawn’: U.S. cruise missiles herald the beginning of the end for Gaddafi

American warships and submarines unleashed a fury of cruise missiles against Libya as the world finally signified it had turned on Colonel Gaddafi. An amassed fleet of U.S. warships and submarines in the… Continue reading

New Enhanced Images of the “Ghost Horse and Rider” in Cairo, Egypt

Amazing close up stills of the Apocalyptic horseman of Egypt. A similar video has been captured in Japan and can be found HERE.

Germany splits from EU family over Libya

When the European debt problem fast-tracked into a genuine crisis, Germany stood apart. Chancellor Angela Merkel was highly reluctant to bail out effectively bankrupt Greece, a country German voters considered the author of… Continue reading

How Many Suicides Will There Be?

While I was surfing through the various news sites this morning (Friday, March 18), I came across this story from the Los Angeles Times about the apparent suicide of a maintenance worker for… Continue reading

Latest Reports of Bird Flu From Around the World

Japan – Around 33,000 broiler chickens were culled Sunday at a poultry farm in the town of Kadogawa, Miyazaki Prefecture, after the 13th case of bird flu in the prefecture was confirmed the… Continue reading

Latest Epidemic Outbreaks

Thailand – A fifth tourist has died in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in circumstances eerily similar to New Zealander Sarah Carter’s mysterious death – which health officials initially blamed on food poisoning. American Mariam… Continue reading

The Spiritual War: The Sons of Light against The Sons of Darkness on BlogTalkRadio

Many of have heard of the Spiritual War, but have you ever taken a moment to think about how it might be fought? Did it ever occur to you that it actually IS… Continue reading

Video: Another “Apocalypse Ghost Horse And Rider” Seen In Japan

(Seen again at 1:25) As the veil continues to lift between the physical and spiritual realms, a glimpse beyond is given to those of us that exist on this side. Multiple sightings, as… Continue reading

March 19 “SuperMoon” Phenomenon Incites Fears of Natural Disasters

On March 19, the moon will be the closest it has been to the Earth in 18 years. It will also be at its fullest. This phenomenon, dubbed a “SuperMoon” in the 1970s… Continue reading

YouTube helping with search for missing in Japan

WASHINGTON — Google offered up YouTube on Friday to help victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami find missing loved ones. The Google-owned video-sharing site began posting videos of victims of the disaster… Continue reading

Yemen troops shoot protesters dead

At least 35 people have been shot dead and hundreds wounded in Sana’a after soldiers and plain-clothed government loyalists opened fired on protesters trying to march through the Yemeni capital. The death toll,… Continue reading

New type of locust threatens

NORTHERN Victorian farmers may soon be battling a new locust threat that’s native to tropical Australia and has never been seen in large numbers in Victoria. Victorian plague locust commissioner Gordon Berg said… Continue reading

Gadhafi threatens to join ‘holy war’ against West

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi says if Western leaders decide to attack his country, he’ll join with al-Qaida in a “holy war,” unleashing a flood of illegal immigrants into Europe and backing known terror… Continue reading

Indonesia sets highest alert level at Karangetan volcano

Jakarta – Indonesian authorities on Friday raised the alert level for the Mount Karangetan volcano to the highest level following renewed eruptions. Residents in three villages near the volcano, located on Siau island… Continue reading

RADIATION / JET STREAM – MEGA STORM forms in the Pacific!

A United Nations forecast of the possible movement of the radioactive plume coming from crippled Japanese reactors shows it churning across the Pacific, and touching the Aleutian Islands on Thursday before hitting Southern California… Continue reading

Is Japan Disaster Another Apocalyptic Sign?

The crisis in Japan is worsening. At the same time, the situation in the Middle East is volatile. And let’s not forget last month’s seismic shock in New Zealand, Sumatra 9.1, Katrina, Rita,… Continue reading

U.N. Security Council Authorizes No-Fly Zone in Libya

The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution Thursday evening authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya and other measures military action against Libya. The vote was 10-0 with five abstentions, including Russia and… Continue reading

Recent UFO Sightings – Israel & New Zealand

UFO over Dunedin NZ – Two nights, UFO sighting over Dunedin New Zealand, March 13th and 14th 2011.   UFO Hovering Above Tel Aviv In Israel 2011 – The cataclysmic Jerusalem UFO event,… Continue reading

US Researchers Predict Widening Outbreak Of Cholera in Haiti

U.S. researchers predict cholera will hit almost twice as many Haitians this year as the U.N. has estimated. The new analysis suggests there will be more than three quarters of a million cases… Continue reading

Chunk of Calif. coastal highway falls into Pacific

CARMEL, Calif. A stretch of California’s coastal highway is closed to traffic indefinitely after a chunk of the road fell into the Pacific Ocean. State transportation workers are scrambling to repair Highway 1… Continue reading

Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland

  Isaiah 24 The Earth Judged 1 Look, the LORD is stripping the earth bare and making it desolate. He will twist its surface and scatter its inhabitants: “He will twist its surface… Continue reading

Wholesale prices up 1.6 pct. on steep rise in food

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wholesale prices jumped last month by the most in nearly two years due to higher energy costs and the steepest rise in food prices in 36 years. Excluding those volatile… Continue reading

Obama Fiddles While Fukushima Burns

History tells us that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but Barack Obama is providing the famous emperor with some serious competition when it comes to going AWOL while America and the world face… Continue reading

Japan tsunami: Thousands of seabirds killed near Hawaii

Thousands of albatrosses and other endangered species at a wildlife sanctuary north-west of Hawaii have been killed by the tsunami which devastated Japan, US officials say. Thousands of petrels and fish were also… Continue reading