Huge seismic burst jolts the Pacific?

March 25, 2011 – JAPAN – Did something just jolt the planet? We’re seeing a strong seismic burst of energy on global seismometers that is concentrated most strongly in the Pacific. This doesn’t fit the pattern of a tremor but looks more like a sudden powerful release of seismic energy or a plate nudge. It’s anomalous because no quakes have followed which adds to the mystery. The area of greatest density is in the Pacific region though weaker spectral patterns also show up on graphs much further from the Ring of Fire. Is this a prelude to more intense geological upheaval from Japan?


Due to the LOZ that are and have been trying to bring forth a tremendous sea quake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A colossal wave that spirals out in all directions is their intent. Of course though, it is not the demons. They are battling it out. The shadow arm of the U.S. government is prepping to use lasers against the LOZ in the depths of the earth by firing where Satan gives depth and locations of the LOZ in various underground regions of this planet. Their lasers are set to destroy positive energy.

If they follow through, that will be the beasts reply to Mother Yahweh’s offer of mercy in exchange for governmental surrender.

‎1 Samuel 2:10 “Those who oppose the LORD will be shattered; He will thunder in the heavens against them. The LORD will judge the ends of the earth. He will give power to His king; He will lift up the horn of His anointed.”

Michael is the horn. He leads the LOZ. The USA, if they take this action will show they openly oppose Mother’s offer of mercy, and Michael will withdraw the offer for surrender early.