More cases of H1N1 in Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Concerns over H1N1 haven’t been talked about in the news lately.

But at Seton they are still seeing cases come in and in some instances it’s so severe it’s life threatening.

“I was sick – I was so sick,” said Cynthia Short.

When Cynthia Short was 35 weeks pregnant she became very sick.

“I was tried and drained and I couldn’t get out of bed it was awful,” said Short.

She knew this sickness wasn’t baby related.

Her doctor said it was allergies but when she went into the emergency room she was admitted immediately.

“We were terrified,” said Bill Short, Cynthia’s husband.

Cynthia’s heart rate was elevated and doctors couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t breathe.

After an emergency c-section her condition didn’t improve so she was transferred to Seton.

Doctors gave a grim outlook.

“H1N1 is still a problem so we know we’ve heard of a rise of it in the past and it’s still present today,” said Erin August, Adult ECMO Coordinator.


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