Dozens feared dead as Syria violence swells

DAMASCUS, Syria — Protests spread across Syria on Friday, challenging the 40-year rule of the Assad family after their forces killed dozens of demonstrators in the south.

There was more bloodshed after weekly prayers, with reports of at least 23 dead, including for the first time in the capital Damascus. Information on casualties was limited and President Bashar al-Assad’s authorities restricted journalists’ movements.

In Daraa, tens of thousands marched in funerals for some of the dead, chanting “Freedom!” In a central square, a Reuters correspondent saw protesters haul down a statue of Assad’s father, late president Hafez al-Assad, before plainclothes security men opened fire with automatic rifles from buildings.

The crowd of some 3,000 scattered under volleys of bullets and tear gas. The reporter saw some wounded helped into cars and ambulances. It was unclear how many, if any, were killed.


The lit fuse in the middle east is quickly spreading.

What this world lacks is certainly that of LOVE. Love does not keep count of injuries, nor does it spread violence. But if you told mankind’s leaders they could live in Utopia that lacked nothing if they gave up the sword, they would not agree, because with a sword comes power, and power is the thing all governments want. They want it over other people, and they do not equate real love into the ruler-ship over their subjects. When Archangel Michael sounds the invasion, the Lions of Zion will invade at Armageddon. It will usher in a New Peaceful Age for all of us.