China Moves Troops Into North Korea

Even though on January 17, 2011 China denied plans to send troops into North Korea, yesterday on January 18, 2011 China sent troops into North Korea.

A contingent of Chinese troops has reportedly been stationed for a month in the economic zone of Rajin-Sonbong in northeast North Korea.

South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported a South Korean official as saying the People’s Liberation Army force had been deployed “to guard port facilities China has invested in”.

But China’s Global Times quoted a defence official as dismissing the report. “China will not send a single soldier to other countries without the approval of the UN,” he said.

Troops would be stationed overseas “for peacekeeping missions and disaster rescue efforts approved by the UN”.


China, behind closed doors, working out a colossal plan that is an invasion of the United States. It includes the millions of Chinese troops that are presently stationed in Central and South America, including Cuba and other of their allies. This is a case of Satan’s human element not following his lead. They – the Chinese want to end the United States colonialism and their deceptive tactics that are for gaining the world oil reserves. War is again on the horizon.