At Least 15 Dead in Anti-Government Protests in Syria

DARAA, Syria –  Syrian police launched a relentless assault Wednesday on a neighborhood sheltering anti-government protesters, fatally shooting at least 15 in an operation that lasted nearly 24 hours, witnesses said.

At least six were killed in an early morning attack on the al-Omari mosque in the southern agricultural city of Daraa, where protesters have taken to the streets in calls for reforms and political freedoms, witnesses said. An activist in contact with people in Daraa said police shot another three people protesting in the Roman-era city center of Daraa after dusk. Six more bodies were found later in the day, the activist said.

Inspired by the wave of pro-democracy protests around the region, the uprising in Daraa and at least four nearby villages has become the biggest domestic challenge since the 1970s to the Syrian government, one of the most repressive in the Middle East. Security forces have responded with water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. The total death toll now stands at 22.

Armageddon coupled with Mother’s Wrath is an action of destruction that is tempered with the Sword of Justice; leaving no stone unturned, no crevice to hide in. It will be a thorough operation.
Jeremiah 12:12 “Over all the barren heights in the wilderness the destroyers have come, for the LORD has a sword that devours from one end of the earth to the other. No one has peace.”

Mankind claims to want peace, and even if it could be achieved by Dawn’s direction or theirs., it cannot and will not be permitted to stand. Now do you feel Mother’s Anger against those that want peace in a counterfeit kingdom that does not worship Her nor give Her the respect and love She deserves for being in existence to begin with. They breathe Her oxygen; drink Her water and eat Her food, but do not feel they owe Her anything for the necessity of life She provides. They refuse the only nourishment that could save them.

Because of the way they are, and because our Mother would have saved them all if only they had been receptive in their hearts, She must recite this:

Isaiah 54:16 “Look, I have created the craftsman who blows on the charcoal fire and produces a weapon suitable for its task; and I have created the destroyer to work havoc.”