Video: Several UFO Sightings in S. California March 16, 2011


Although Satan has a strong defense around his child – the United States – the LOZ have set their sites on California. It is the next hot spot that they will bring hell on earth to. Can Satan halt the LOZ’s assault? We shall see children. They gave their warning in the aftermath of the Japan disaster. The LOZ must presently work within the laws of the natural order, but when Armageddon occurs, that is when they will take a direct approach to exterminating mankind. But for the present involving the bowls of anger, they must follow the rules of Mother Yahweh’s natural order.

Hawaii has already felt part of Japan’s wake of fury, but Alaska will suffer from a Russian catastrophe that carries over its way. The lower 48 of the United States will be riddled by earthquakes and other natural disasters, such as hail, tornadoes, failing infrastructures,etc. Just because the LOZ will pull back in the 5th month does not mean Yahweh will personally halt Her anger on this planet.