Latest Reports of Bird Flu From Around the World

Japan – Around 33,000 broiler chickens were culled Sunday at a poultry farm in the town of Kadogawa, Miyazaki Prefecture, after the 13th case of bird flu in the prefecture was confirmed the previous day, prefectural officials said. Sunday’s cull brought the total number of chickens slaughtered at poultry farms in the prefecture to around 990,000 since the first case of infection was confirmed in the city of Miyazaki on Jan. 22. In total, 22 cases of avian influenza infection have been confirmed at poultry farms across Japan including the 13 cases in Miyazaki Prefecture.

South Korea – South Korea confirmed an additional bird flu case at a duck farm in the central part of the country on Saturday. Tests showed that the 12,400 birds at a poultry farm in Cheonan, 92 kilometers south of Seoul, were infected with the virulent H5N1 strain of the avian influenza (AI), the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service (NVRQS) said. This is the second case of the highly pathogenic avian influenza reported in the country this month as the number of AI cases has started to fall off in recent weeks. It is also the first AI confirmation in Cheonan in 33 days. All ducks on the farm will be culled with quarantine authorities asking nearby farms to be vigilant on protecting their birds. The latest case marks the 49th bird flu outbreak confirmed in the country since suspected cases were first reported on Dec. 29, the NVRQS said.

Bangladesh – About 7,000 chickens of a poultry farm in Bhola Sadar Upazila have been culled following the detection of H5N1 virus, commonly known as bird flu. The livestock department with the help of Upazila administration culled the chickens of ‘Farit Poultry Fram’ at Charsamaiya on Friday. District livestock officer Pradip Kumar told that the bird flu infection had been confirmed after testing the sample of a dead poultry bird in a Barisal laboratory. The sample was sent for lab test following the deaths of some chickens on Tuesday, he said adding that they had decided to cull the chickens on Thursday night. Some 2,000 chickens of Ahmed Poultry Farm at Charnoabad in the town were also culled on Feb 18.

China – A goose carcass found in Lantau, Hong Kong, was tested positive for H5N1 avian influenza virus, a spokesman for the city’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said on Friday. The goose carcass was collected at a beach near Sham Shek Tsuen, Lantau, on March 1. They were highly decomposed when found and required a series of tests before H5N1 avian influenza was confirmed Friday. The spokesman said there were no poultry farms within three kilometers of the place where the dead goose was found. To minimize the risk of avian influenza outbreaks, he said, all relevant government departments would continue to remain highly vigilant and strictly enforce preventive measures against avian influenza, such as reinforcing health education and striving to deter illegal imports of poultry and birds into Hong Kong.

Palestinian Territory – An outbreak of HPAI H5N1 has been diagnosed in a turkey flock in the village Silat al Harithiyah, West Bank, Palestinian Territories. The flock is 75 days old with a very high mortality rate. Diagnosis was carried out by PCR.


Everything seems to make the rounds and all past events tie in with other things. The plagues Mother unleashed on ancient Egypt, they came mostly from this plane of existence, but more is destined to come from the other plane – the spirit realm. It is tied in with the lifting of the veil. A coming together of the past invisible things with those that are visible. Visible to both realms, not just one realm seeing it all. Mother unleashing the things (deadly germs) that are normally destroyed by holy angels, but are now free to work their havoc on mankind. Just as She plagued ancient Egypt, She now moves Her deadly germs to do Her will in cleansing this planet of evil mankind.